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Most people know me as JB of , the person who blogged the Casey Anthony Case with the intention of giving the “opposing side” a voice.
During that saga of sharing questionable documents and alternate theories, I strove to be true to myself and at the same time not cater to those who came to my blog to malign the non-believers of the “Casey Killed Caylee” campaign that was being force fed to me by the media and touted by the majority of Casey Anthony forums.
I also tried my best to keep politics out of our discussion, keeping in mind that discussion of politics and religion generally provoke heated discussions even amongst friends. At Blogs much like bars and family gatherings, topics of politics and religions can be risky if not dangerous.

I feel very proud of what was accomplished at, along the way I met the most wonderful virtual friends Blogdom had to offer and savored the most gratifying feeling that came to be on July 5, 2011 when Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges having to do with the death of her beautiful, beloved child Caylee Marie Anthony.

With the Anthony case behind me, my thoughts have moved onto other happenings in America. Two of my pet peeves are discrimination in the American workforce and the American focus on physical appearance. It’s became apparent to me that the basic right to be true to one’s self in this nation, to enjoy all of the amenities this country has to offer is in jeopardy.

No longer are we free to be ourselves and at the same time have a viable job in America. With the jobless rate as of April 2012 at 8.2 percent, it’s a struggle to land a job for anyone much less the cute and cuddly chubby girl, or the long haired philosophical Hippie guy, or the all knowing grandmother who’s been through it all and has valuable life lessons to share. That workforce doesn’t exist anymore.

I see the workforce today in its earliest stage of development to be hostile and unfair. Today all that employers generally ask is that you don’t smoke and that you’re not obese. As a premise for these requirements, the issue of health and insurance comes into play.
It’s based on junk studies, junk science and the presumption that smokers and people who are overweight have more health issues than the non-smokers and the weight proportioned individuals.

Thinking back to when I first went into the workforce, these things were never considered. As a matter of fact, for an employer to openly state these preferences would be grounds for a discrimination lawsuit so today I ask myself, “what happened while I was busy working 40 hour weeks and sending 3 children to school?” “What happened while I had my nose to the grind, not paying attention to county/parish meetings and state legislation?” “What was happening in our country before CSPAN and CNN?”
I really don’t know what happened but I do know that my rights today are not the same as my rights in 1972 when I went out on my first job interview that I found in the classified ads of the Times Picayune and landed that job, that day without a resume before I reached home.

Wake up America,

 Our rights are Slowly Disappearing!

As I’ve stated before, I never paid much attention to politics. I just assumed that the majority of people in America who did read the small print in the campaign brochures knew the candidate was right for the job.
Who knows? Maybe the candidate was right for the job initially but changed his agenda when he reached Washington D.C.? Maybe he saw that there was money to be made from lobbyist, maybe he had to play a game of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” in order to see his campaign promises come to fruition?

There’s a disturbing trend here and no, this trend will not affect me but this trend may affect my grandchildren or yours. The reality is we all came into this world with genes from our parents which don’t change because they worked out a gym or ran 2 miles a day.
These genes are genetic and stay with us and are passed on to generations. I don’t like the thought of my grandchildren struggling to be physically perfect. I prefer  thinking of them expanding their minds, enjoying all that life has to offer without fear of not being accepted.


Today bullying is more prevalent than ever. Why is that? Is it because society is faced with the reality that not all are born equally beautiful and that society is promoting intolerance by its constant focus of physicality and that brains nor pleasant personality are  acceptable?

Not all of our children who were born physically attractive home free. They fear losing their attractiveness and possibly becoming the ugly troll on the school bus and one day become the “bullied one” and not the “bullier.” That’s an adolescent’s painful reality.

When thinking adolescence, the word “acne” comes to mind. Heaven forbid they hit a stage in puberty, wake up one morning with a pimple on their nose!
Its not hard for me to imagine this could be a tragic and suicidal situation. I’ll address bullying in my upcoming article because there is a connection to America’s focus on the beautiful to bullying.  From there we’ll go to McDonalds.. stay tuned.




About thejbmish

I have hopes and dreams of a better America. One without discrimination, with hope and opportunity for everyone, no matter what creed or color, or disability. Freedom to be one's self without discord or prejudice. I pray to live in a free world so my children and grandchildren have a chance to see their dreams come true.

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  1. Hey, I agree 100%! Imagine that! 😀

  2. JB,
    I think you can count me as one of the most ignorant to blogging! lol
    This is different!
    I love talking politics, but not religion. I guess I think that the two go together and with politics, two or more different minds can help OR should help the country in what we would like to see, but religion has come to be like you said about both, can distroy friendship.

    It can also distroy families. On both I wanted to stay independant, but in the last 20 years, I lean more to the left and really enjoy a good conversation about all.
    But, in religion, I think it’s more fear that draws the friends and families apart.
    That’s been my experience anyway.

    Also it’s more who’s right and who’s wrong more so than politics. I think there are so many different religions and I think they are all right.
    As far as that goes I think I have a little of all of them in me, but just a tiny bit.

    Rather sad my brother was listening to this guy on the radio, and I thought he changed along with my sister. They weren’t the same. The same with a friend of ours that was always a blast then he started preaching to us about how he had changed, even singing and preaching some, in the same breath, he yelled at the waiter who was waiting on us.

    There was about 12 of us that had gotten to know each other and always just enjoyed visiting, NEVER in a hurry, then all of a sudden, we’re all wanting him to just go away.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, that’s mostly what wars are about and they will not stop because of that.
    I think, I’m not sure and don’t have the facts to prove it, but IMO religion is more divisive than what your politics are.

    I’m sure there are many out there and very few agree 100%, Even in the same religion, they don’t all agree unless it’s a cult.
    WOW! I had a lot to say, even if it doesn’t mean a damn thing. lol

  3. The real so called left in this country is responsible for the continued downfall of this Country IMOO. I’m actually “Middle of the Road” and do not vote along party lines.

    Ron Paul is on the right path, more so his son, personally fighting to regain our rights and taking on the establishment. I do think voter fraud is rampid, and do believe Ron Paul is being stifled and is ahead more than the polls are showing.

    I also believe that the Mississippi Coast etc will eventually be taken over by the Feds and BP if it hasnt happened already for drilling. The next hit I believe is going to be Miami etc…..Hit meaning man made disaster to take over that coast line. The reason? For the USA to be the
    biggest oil exporter in the world. Yes, we will be drilling and exporting the oil sooner rather
    than later and the coasts are slowly being taken over by BP. AS you can see, the Southern Coasts are being hit by many disasters lately? I never believed in conspiracys however now that i’m doing more research, I am becoming more suspicous…..

    Thanks for the forum once again JB. This is just the beginning of a very important subject and learning experience for not only me but for others as well…..

    Thank you

  4. I wonder why Waco was swept under the rug for how many years? Many children killed on our own homeland yet, we have the big mouth sally’s bitching about wearing fur and building on alot that MAY have a slug that could become extinct?? This is an example of the lefty’s in this country! Definately priorities are screwed up in this country and our fearless leaders not setting examples is part of the problem. Clinton set the trend, lying under oath, putting a hit on our own homeland killing our own men , women and children. And yes, that had to do with
    religion as well so Gov is in religion…The self proclaimed profit was taken down, preaching
    what we are so desperately trying to regain….Sooooooooooo,,,,,,,,If Waco was taken down I wonder what will happend if this country comes together and demands that same kind of change??
    See u all later

  5. sorry for the typos i’m trying to post fast before work….lol…

    oklahoma City was also under Clinton….

    Also 911 was being planned under Clinton….

    There is a Clinton in the Whitehouse……I’ll stop there.

  6. Well, so much for trying to talk civil! LMAO!!!! : )

  7. LOL,

    Loly,I dont preceive you as a way lefty liberal for some reason….I just read your post and you say you sway toward the left….That”s cool,,,I’m socially liberal but have a more conservative attitude when it comes to raising kids, money etc,etc..

    I’m beginning not to trust our fearless leaders for many different reasons. Just one I posted thus far. I guess I can respect someone but not trust them at the same time LOL…I voted for
    Clinton, but decided to do more research when a few ppl within the Clinton circle started disappearing or ended up dead when they were about to expose some of their secrets. First comes to mind is White Water, Waco, Oklahoma City to name a few….Politics is interesting, but very confusing, to me anyway.
    All I know is this,,,,,Liberals like spending our money on really dumb programs, yet uses those programs as a front to pocket our hard earned monies, and limit our accesses to those programs at the same time.
    Conservatives like cutting those programs to save money and distribute it back into the pockets of the earners. The left is winning…..lefty liberals programs to benefit themselves and not the American People…I was wondering why Peta was sooo important! Just another program to collect funds, and that’s redistributed to the dem party…A front and they pray
    on the emotions of the American People..IMOO..

    That is what socialized healthcare will be. Just another bogus program to collect our monies, but limit our use toward that program…..

    Social Security is another program that was created for our use in later life..Yet our Children and grandchildren will not be able to collect as their money that is being taken out now and in the future will be paying for these bogus programs.

    Now that the gov owns GM etc or shall I say Obamamotors…..Do you notice that every chance he gets, he says go out and buy a new car, the gas prices are high, you need to downsize your vehicle etc, etc…..? Well, if the gas prices continue to rise, more ppl will get rid of their gas guzzlers and go buy a new car therefore stimulating the economy. LOL
    His numbers will go up in the polls, politics 101….hahahahaha……

    Just rambling howevr either party I think we’re screwed, no choices, no changes…..Hope i’m wrong…..

  8. As far as the Tea Party,

    They’re hard working American’s who are demanding change IMOO and are being bashed by the Establishment because they’re scared….but I am going to watch and read up on what goes on in that new movement/party.

    Sara Palin actually went after those so called Good Ol Boys or shall I say the establishment within her own State. She went after the ones within her own political party and got rid of them….I can respect her for that as it’s unheard of that a women can actually accomplish
    that and fight off all the politically BS at the same time.

    The media hates her. The establishment hates her…So, they’ll do anything to bash her
    to keep her from gettting to the real big boys and knocking the down….

    As you can see, there’s definately a war going on to make sure she doesnt go anywhere.
    There’s a reason for that….

    See you all later…And have a good day…IT’s FRIDAY

  9. here you are!
    Good stuff Lolypop & GasCan!
    Firstly Loly, I’m much like you. I haven’t given politics much thought. Honestly when I try to make sense of it thru the TV stations MNBC, FNC or CNBC it’s even more confusing because of the senseless name calling and total biasness of the station itself.
    One is all Rep, the other is all Dem. WTH?
    Loly, I’ve seen religion change ppl too and its not always for the best. I’ve know of a mother who left 3 children under the age of 4 alone being babysat by one older child, a 10yo for 8 hours a day while she joins prayer meetings. I think God would be happier to see this woman home mothering her children. IMO, that’s not healthy religion, just like drugs, religion can be abused.
    GasCan, thanks for posting. I’ve always been a big fan of Clintons but never thought of the things you pointed out. I see where it’s possible he has some responsibility in Waco but I’m not sure he had much to do with 911. That’s something I’ll have to think about because there’s no possible way I can get Bush off the hook for that one. lol
    But one thing for sure, it’s all about Big Oil money. imo

  10. GasCanGeorge says

    I also believe that the Mississippi Coast etc will eventually be taken over by the Feds and BP if it hasnt happened already for drilling. The next hit I believe is going to be Miami etc…..Hit meaning man made disaster to take over that coast line. The reason? For the USA to be the
    biggest oil exporter in the world. Yes, we will be drilling and exporting the oil sooner rather
    than later and the coasts are slowly being taken over by BP. AS you can see, the Southern Coasts are being hit by many disasters lately? I never believed in conspiracys however now that i’m doing more research, I am becoming more suspicous…..

    Now that’s a profound comment! Very interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard this about the USA becoming a big time oil exporter but it surely has its possibilies, imo.

    You also mentioned the southern coast disasters. Oh my..I hate to say it but I wondered about the summer of 2005 when 3 Cat 5 hurricanes developed in the gulf, Katrina, Rita and Wilma. That in itself was very rare and hadn’t happened before.

    I had to Google it..”Is it possible for man to control weather?” I learned in 1940s there were some talk that the Soviets were experimenting with weather control. Not much was released but it got me thinking..what if a terrorist bought this information or figured how to do this?
    Of course if it was possible, we the public would be the last to know for obvious reasons.
    I think we’re being kept in the dark about alot of things.

    GasCan, have you ever heard about the possibility of W. Bush being involved with a mass murderer in Texas?
    I’ll see if I can find some links on that topic. I read it in a book about mass murderers and W. and Jeb’s name popped up. I lent it ot my daughter, so I’ll have to ask her for the title.
    Well good stuff.
    I have a little surprise for us too I’m going to share at TheJBM later tonight. 😀
    SeeYall there..

  11. Wow…look how blockquote is really big huh? LOL

  12. No I havent heard about the mass murders in Texas JB, post, i’ll be happy to read up on it. In the mean time check this out when you have some time. About the “Move” Movement

  13. JB, I strongly believe we’ll be drilling and exporting…..As far as the Gulf eventally being taken over by the Feds/BP, who knows if it’s all BS…

    Here’s a link about HAARP…..Again, I dont know what to believe but it sure does get one thinking….For some reason our noses are involved in Cuba….I think eventually those waters will be taken over, again, conspiracy….lol…

  14. hey jb guess Caylee ment nothing to you

  15. Mike wrong forum. Mosey ur arse over to jb mission. The
    Original blog

  16. sorry my mistake and george i will put my arse anywhere i want what are you the arse police

  17. No, just directing you to the right forum…I actually like policing arses…..

  18. GasCanGeorge,
    You’re an excellent arse director. If I were directing, I might direct him to go somewhere else..

  19. GasCan,
    You’re the perfect one to ask.
    I don’t have any ideas, pros cons any way.
    Just curious about you as a New Yorker feel about the Freedom Tower.
    I think if you’re happy, of course I am. : )

  20. GasCanGeorge

    To be honest, i’m not sure how I feel about it as it became too political…I wish they made it a memorial for the ones who parished and for the families however that didnt happen…..Shame but, the world tallest building isnt going to prove anything to be honest…..: )

  21. GasCanGeorge

    Now the Mosque is another story,,,,NY’rs dont want it anywhere near ground zero,,,,It’s like a slap in the face however others dont agree who arent from NY and fought for it. I know they have a right, but hell with their rights when it comes to stuff like that,,,,,just sayin.

  22. I absolutley agree! I have a few friends that visit here every year from NY.
    I know people say it effected the world, but one of those friends that come the most, it’s hard for her to talk about it, still. I believe that it would be hard for any of us to say what should and should not happen in NY. I feel it isn’t our place. So, really I do agree with everything you just said GasCan!
    WOW!! Now, that’s a miacle. : )

  23. GasCanGeorge

    Loly we agree more than you think….Huggs!

  24. GasCanGeorge

    ANd you teach me a thing or two now and then whether you know it or not….
    My emotions get the best of me sometimes, but then again, I think most of you here
    know that…..: )

  25. GasCan, I am exactly the same way. I like talking with you, I really do.
    You make me think. It’s a challenge!! : )
    Even though we disagree about Trayvon, we’ve agreed on a couple of things.I say that’s pretty darn good.
    I let my emotions get away, But I’m thankful we have them, even though they do differ at times.
    I love you when we agree and when we disagree!.. Hugs back! : )

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